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The Patient Journey Through Emergency Care in Nova Scotia
A Prescription for New Medicine

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Thank you Dr. Ross for shedding yet further light on the primary health care system. Your experiences, insights and wisdom will hopefully be the basis for starting a real revolution in health care reform.

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By Mike Marentette on 2010 11 19

I think we need to focus on Sr. health care in Emg the metor area we need a plan to support sr. who are using the Emg. Also need to have home care/placement and Adult protection have a plan to… Read More

By lanathaneella on 2010 11 15

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The pulse of the province

Emergency care is the canary in the coal mine. It is only one symptom of what ails our system of health care in Nova Scotia.

We are charged with changing the system so that we can respect the living environment we depend on, develop new solutions within the communities we live in, and build a new system in which the citizen as a patient and the family are at the heart of every health care system.

We need your voice as an individual and the collective voices of families and communities in order to understand how best to take forward the important messages in this report.

Together, we can create innovative solutions that will make the system of health care efficient, effective, timely, accessible, accountable and sustainable in the future.

Please post your comments and reaction to the report on this site. We would like to know your postal code so that we can better organize this information as people from all over Nova Scotia speak their minds.

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